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Managed IT Services

Walcott Consulting offers full managed IT services for policy-based automation of machine maintenance, monitoring, backups, security, and updates.

We charge $50 per month for laptops and desktops, and $100 per month for servers, for our cloud-based IT managed services platform for macOS and Windows computers, which includes the following:

  • Cloud backups

  • Cloud based IT documentation platform

  • Cloud password management and sharing platform

  • KnowBe4 driven security awareness training for end users.

  • Managed EDR

  • AI driven DNS filtering to block many phishing attacks, and access to malware-infected websites

  • Automated patch management for macOS, Microsoft Office, and other 3rd party software updates

  • Remote support and screen sharing tools to support your team anywhere they may be online

  • Mobile device management, allowing remote lock and wipe of stolen devices

  • Backup failure alerts

  • Company IT statistics and usage reporting

  • Computer health monitoring, including alerts for low disk space, disk SMART status failures, pending AppleCare expiration, and more

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